Farmer Input Sought for National Weather Service Survey

2000px-us-nationalweatherservice-logo-svgIndividual farmers, as well as state Farm Bureaus, are invited to participate in a survey the National Weather Service is conducting about the use of NWS watches, warnings and advisories. The survey is part of the NWS Hazard Simplification Project, which is analyzing the use and effectiveness of NWS watches, warnings and advisories, and evaluating possible alternatives to these terms. The survey will assess the extent to which organizations at all levels and in various sectors have formally incorporated watches, warnings and advisories into decision-making processes via policies, protocols, laws, etc.

Survey answers will help the NWS understand the potential policy impact on various key partners if it significantly changes watches, warnings or advisories, such as altering the meaning or name of a particular watch, warning or advisory.

The survey closes after Oct. 31.

National Weather Service Survey

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