Farm Bureau’s producer membership governs the organization, and its members determine where we stand on specific issues. A policy development process that begins at the grassroots encourages members to discuss issues annually within their local membership and work toward a consensus at the state level regarding Farm Bureau’s position. The policies represented by the Virginia Farm Bureau Governmental Relations team are tested by the grassroots process and have the support of the Farm Bureau membership.

Martha headshot print  Martha Moore, Vice President

Martha’s responsibilities include managing the overall lobbying efforts and handling issues related to agriculture education, environmental issues, forestry, higher education, rural health as well as any budget issues. Martha grew up on a farm in Pittsylvania. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in agricultural economics from Virginia Tech.  martha.moore@vafb.com

Andrew headshot print Andrew Smith, Associate Director

Andrew handles issues related to local zoning, right-to-farm and land use assessment, property rights, eminent domain, transportation, and state and local taxes. He owns and operates a commercial hay and grain farm with his family in Hanover. He holds a bachelor’s degree in dairy science from Virginia Tech. andrew.smith@vafb.com

Stef headshot print Stefanie Taillon, Assistant Director

Stefanie handles issues related to animal welfare, animal-based commodities, farmland preservation, the judicial system and wildlife/game laws. She grew up on a family farm in Southampton County and graduated from Virginia Tech with a master’s degree in public administration and public policy, and a bachelor’s degree in animal and poultry sciences. stefanie.taillon@vafb.com

Ben headshot print Ben Rowe, National Affairs Coordinator/Legislative Specialist

Ben handles issues related to national affairs, energy, labor, plant-based commodities, some water issues, and air quality. Ben grew up in Williamsburg and graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and environmental studies. ben.rowe@vafb.com