From the Field: VFB Staff Strengthening Partnerships on Member Benefits

The General Motors (GM) $500 discount with Farm Bureau was introduced in Virginia in 2012.  Shortly after the program introduction, the district field services directors (DFSDs) visited with all of the dealerships’ sales managers to introduce ourselves and Farm Bureau to them. 
Since that time, the GM discount program has been very successful.  In the first three quarters of 2015, Farm Bureau members saved almost $500,000 with the purchase of 992 vehicles.  That is certainly a good return on the $40 membership dues investment. 
In an effort to further enhance this benefit, our DFSDs have been visiting every GM dealer in the state this month and in April.  At these visits, we are meeting again with the sales managers and providing them promotional materials to use in their dealerships such as large window clings that say “Member Discount Available Here”, and table top displays.  During the meetings, we are asking dealers to partner with us by having a vehicle on display at some county Farm Bureau events and meetings.  At least one dealer is going to do a “Farm Bureau Day” at their dealership as a promotion.

At the same time, we are cross promoting Member Deals Plus and membership.  We are asking them and their salesman to become members and participate in Member Deals Plus.  Some dealerships are now offering discounts on service and free, state inspections through Member Deals Plus. 
Feedback that we have received all over the state is that the GM salesmen state how easy the program is to use and they use it to sell vehicles on a regular basis.  Many of the salesman stated that they ask customers if they are Farm Bureau members.
We are actively promoting and enhancing our member benefits package.  One of the best methods of advertisement is verbal.  So, if you have used one of the Farm Bureau member benefits, tell a family member or friend and encourage them to join if they aren’t Farm Bureau members.  We can save members a significant amount of money.  Help us spread the word about Farm Bureau’s member benefits. 
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