AFBF: In Failing to Move Voluntary GMO Labeling Measure, Senators Abandon Farmers, Consumers

On Wednesday, The Senate rejected a bill that would have prevented any state from requiring GMO labels on food.

Calling the Senate’s failure to move forward with debate on a voluntary GMO labeling bill “inexcusable,” American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said farmers will continue their fight to secure a law that supports consumers, America’s farmers and ranchers and our nation’s system of affordable, productive agriculture.

“To say we are angry with those senators who abandoned farmers and ranchers and turned their backs on rural America on this vote is an understatement. Their votes opposing this measure ignored science, threw our nation’s food system into disarray and undermined the public’s understanding of the many benefits of biotechnology in feeding a growing and hungry population,” Duvall said in a statement.

With a July 1 start-date set for a mandatory GM labeling law in Vermont, passage of a national voluntary GMO labeling bill is needed immediately. The measure Farm Bureau was anxious for the Senate to take up this week was offered by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.).
Duvall said farmers are willing to give senators a second chance.

“We remain hopeful they will have a chance at redemption by correcting this situation that will otherwise lead to increased food costs for consumers and stifle agricultural innovation, which remains a strength of our nation. We must not let anyone forget that rural America and our farmers and ranchers do matter,” he said.

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