VFBF Board Member Testifies in Ag Committee

On Wednesday, January 20th during the first meeting of the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, a presentation on the structure and importance of commodity boards was made by Pittsylvania farmer and Farm Bureau state board member Robert Mills. We thank Robert for driving to Richmond to share with the committee members all the good work of our commodity boards, including education, research, and promotion.  Virginia Farm Bureau is supporting two pieces of legislation this year, HB1094 from Delegate Webert and HB115 from Delegate Knight.

HB1094 (Webert) updates the commodity board code sections to reflect current industry practices.  The bill repeals certain board-specific provisions related to appointments and creates in their place general provisions, applicable to a number of boards, which provide for four-year appointments, that a majority of the board constitutes a quorum, for the election of officers, and policies establishing no compensation for attendance at meetings but reimbursement for expenses of board members.  

HB115 (Knight) removes the authority of the General Assembly to disburse the unexpended balances in the special agriculture commodity funds for purposes other than each fund’s intended purpose. 

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