Veto of Joint Resolution on WOTUS Met With Disfavor from Farm Bureau

Calling President Barack Obama’s veto of a resolution (S.J. Res. 22) to disapprove of the Waters of the U.S. rule “salt in the wounds of farmers and ranchers,” American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said farmers and ranchers were mystified as to why Obama continues to support the fatally flawed rule.

“The Government Accountability Office found the rule was issued with the help of illegal ‘covert propaganda’ by EPA. Ninety-two members of Congress, 22 states, numerous cities and counties and dozens of industry groups have all stood up and said no to this rule. Courts have ordered the rule temporarily halted because of the harm it will cause. But, somehow, the president and the EPA just keep pushing. But we won’t stop either. We will not rest until this rule is gone,” Duvall said in a statement.

 On Tuesday, President Obama issued the ninth veto of his presidency Tuesday, rejecting a congressional resolution that would have overturned federal regulations on clean water. Read more here:

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