Governmental Relations collects more than 13,500 property rights postcards

The Stand Our Ground: Property Rights postcard campaign has technically come to end, and we have received more than 13,500 signed postcards. Many thanks to the county Farm Bureaus for their participation!

At county Farm Bureau annual meetings this summer and fall, Virginia Farm Bureau asked its members to sign postcards in support of the second passage of a constitutional amendment to protect property rights in the upcoming General Assembly. Each county was asked to sign “112 for 2012,” which equals almost 10,000 cards. As you can see, we surpassed that goal!

The top three counties to collect signed postcards are:

1. Page County- 1,509
2. August- 448
3. Bedford-  354

The postcards will be delivered to legislators at a crucial time next year.

The 2011 Virginia General Assembly passed a resolution to amend the state constitution to further protect your property rights. This has been a long-term priority goal for Virginia Farm Bureau since 2008.

HJR 693, patroned by Delegate Johnny Joannou, D-Portsmouth, was intended to prevent eminent domain abuse by the condemning authorities. The proposed amendment would tighten up the state’s definition of “public use” with regard to eminent domain and ensure that your land can not be taken and given to another private entity. It also would ensure that private property cannot be taken without just compensation to the owner and that no more property is taken than necessary.

To amend the state constitution, the General Assembly must pass a resolution in two consecutive years, and the wording of the resolution in the second year must be exactly the same as the wording in the first year. If this second amendment is passed by the legislature in 2012, it will go before Virginia voters next November.

Even though the campaign has technically ended, we are still collecting signed postcards! So please send them to Kelly Pruitt, Governmental Relations. The more postcards we get, the bigger the impact we will make on our legislators.

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