Farm Bureau members meet with legislators at Senatorial District meetings

Del. Ed Scott discusses the legislative issues with Farm Bureau members at a Senatorial District meeting in Zion Crossroads Tuesday night.

 Farm Bureau began its annual senatorial district meetings this week in Zion Crossroads. Farm Bureau members from Augusta, Fluvanna, Orange, Greene Spotsylvania, Albemarle and Madison counties were in attendance as well as Delegate Ed Scott and Sens. Emmett Hangar and Tom Garrett.

Each year before the General Assembly starts, producer members meet with their legislators to discuss the issues most important to them for the upcoming session. This year water quality, property rights, animal care, funding for Virginia Cooperative Extension and game laws were the topics of discussion.

Senatorial District meetings are a great way to connect with your legislators and educate them on some of our critical issues. You will also hear how your legislators feel about these issues which helps us gauge where they stand on an issue.

Having producer members attend these meetings is critical to our legislators understanding more about Virginia agriculture so they can make more informed decisions that affect our livelihood.

Senatorial District meetings run through December. If you are a producer member and interested in attending, please contact your Field Services director or County Farm Bureau office.

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