2023-2024 Wildlife Regulation Review and Amendment Process: Public Scoping Period Open

Farmers have an opportunity to submit ideas for changes they would like to see in hunting, trapping, and wildlife regulations for the 2023-2024 seasons. The Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) will take this information into account when considering potential regulation changes. It is important for farmers to voice their concerns about areas that affect them, such as wildlife damage to crops and livestock, and offer possible solutions.

This is the beginning stage of the 2023-2024 Wildlife Regulation Cycle. For the full timeline, click here. Members of the public are welcome to attend DWR Board meetings to provide in-person comments.

Please take the time to complete DWR’s comment form, which can be found here. Comments are due December 2, 2022. Virginia Farm Bureau members who need assistance should contact Stefanie Taillon at stefanie.taillon@vafb.com.  

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