2022 Pesticide Collection (Disposal Program)

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ (VDACS) Office of Pesticide Services (OPS) is hosting the Pesticide Collection Program again this year. This program assists agricultural producers, licensed pesticide dealers, homeowners and more with properly disposing of unwanted pesticides. The program is administered at no cost to participants and is led by VDACS with Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services.

The Pesticide Collection Program divides the state into five regions and each year collections are carried out in a different region. The Program requires participants to transport their unwanted agricultural and commercial pesticides to a central collection site where the hazardous waste disposal contractor will package the pesticides for eventual disposal. If a participant cannot safely transport unwanted pesticides, the program may make arrangements to containerize the pesticides for transport.

For more information regarding this year’s program, collection sites, and dates click here. All participants are asked to complete the registration form and submit it to the VDACS-OPS Office via email to ops.enf@vdacs.virginia.gov or by mail to VDACS-OPS, PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218.

Collection Dates:

  • August 9, Southern States (5784 Valley Pike, Stephens City, VA)
  • August 10 CFC Farm & Home Center (15172 Brandy Road, Culpeper, VA)
  • September 6, CFC Farm & Home Center (12645 Lee Highway, Sperryville, VA)
  • September 7, Rockingham County Fairgrounds (4808 South Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA)
  • September 8, Ivy Materials Utilization Center (4576 Dick Woods Road, Charlottesville, VA)
  • October 11, Page Cooperative Farm Bureau (127 Big Oak Road, Luray, VA)
  • October 12, Madison County Fairgrounds (1015 Fairground Road, Madison, VA)
  • October 13, Rockbridge Farmers’ Cooperative (33 Yellow Rail Lane, Lexington, VA)

For each date, the collection time is 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the above address or call the office at (804) 371-6559.

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