Free Webinar: Shared Cost Meat Processing for Livestock Producers

Consumer demand for locally-sourced meats and producer meat enterprise interest are at all-time highs and outpace current local meat and poultry processing capacity in many localities. Shared Cost Meat Processing for Livestock Producers — Co-ops and Collaboration will introduce farmers, ranchers and local meat and poultry processors to opportunities and challenges in establishing or expanding local meat and poultry enterprises. The presentations will not only focus on market demand and regulations, but will also examine business structures that can benefit smaller scale farms and processing such as cooperatives and other collaborative business entities. Our presenters are each highly experienced in rural cooperative and business development, including meat processing and marketing, and accessing grants and financing options of importance for smaller-scale operations. Webinar topics include:

  • Enterprise entry challenges
  • Local retail/wholesale meat marketing
  • Local meat processing challenges and opportunities
  • Opportunity for a regional cooperative or collaboratively-owned meat enterprise
  • Cooperatives vs. other business ownership models
  • Grants and other financial assistance options

Shared Cost Meat Processing for Livestock Producers – Co-ops and Collaboration

May 24, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

The Webinar opens at 6:00p.m., presentation begins at 6:30p.m.
Please direct webinar questions and comments to [].

This event is being presented and sponsored by:
Carolina Common Enterprise, Matson Consulting, South Carolina Center for Cooperative and Enterprise Development and the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation & Rural Sustainability.

The sponsors offer their programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status and are equal opportunity employers.

Additional Resources

For additional information concerning small-volume red meat processing and meat marketing in Virginia, please refer to our study guides at

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