Elimination of Pesticide Applicator Renewal Fees

VDACS has announced that effective March 17, 2022, the fee for pesticide applicators to renew their certificates has been eliminated.

While there is no fee to renew their certificate, pesticide applicators are still required to take one recertification course every two years, before their certificate expires. Applicators whose certificates expire on June 30, 2022 who have not yet attended a recertification course, are encouraged to view the list of currently approved recertification courses. Applicators who are unsure if they need to take a recertification course, can check the status of their recertification credit on the List of Certified Pesticide Applicators.

Applicators whose certificate expires on June 30, 2022 and who take the required recertification course, will have their certificate automatically renewed and a new certificate will be sent to them. For applicators who do not take a recertification course by June 30, 2022, their certificate will expire. If a pesticide applicator applies a pesticide without a current certification, they are in violation of Virginia’s laws and regulations and subject to enforcement action. Applicators who do not take a recertification course by August 29 of the expiration year are required by law to retest which requires submission of an application and fee.

Applicators whose certificate expires on June 30, 2022 will receive a letter with additional information about the renewal process. We will also update our website with the most current information as of the effective date. Questions can be directed to opsclrt.vdacs@vdacs.virginia.gov

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