Update: 2021 Redistricting in Virginia

In October 2021, the newly formed Virginia Redistricting Commission was under the gun to meet a deadline to submit new state House, Senate, and Congressional district maps to the General Assembly for approval. The commission members were unable to come to an agreement, and therefore, responsibility for the drawing of new maps was handed to the Supreme Court of Virginia. These maps, drawn by two experts (Special Masters), chosen by the court, were released to the public on Wednesday, December 8. The proposed new districts will greatly impact upcoming elections. In addition to significant shifts in congressional districts that will remove multiple incumbents from their current districts and attract new candidates for the 2022 elections, analysis by the Virginia Public Access Project (VPA) estimates approximately half of incumbent state delegates and senators were drawn into shared districts.

The proposed maps can be viewed using the links below:

Congressional Districts

Senate Districts

House of Delegates Districts

Curious if your representatives would change, but don’t have time to peruse the maps? Luckily, VPAP offers a Voter Impact tool that allows you to enter your address and quickly see how different plans would affect you. For those interested in a really deep dive, the full memo from the Special Masters detailing their process can be found here.

As with earlier stages of this process, multiple public comment opportunities are available:

  • Virtual Public Hearings
    • December 15 and 17 from 1-4 p.m.
    • In order to participate and offer public comment, participants must notify the Clerk of Court prior to the meeting by sending an email to Redistricting@vacourts.gov indicating they wish to offer public comment and specifying which date they prefer. The email must include the requester’s name and email address and indicate in what area of the Commonwealth of Virginia the person resides. In response, a meeting link will be sent by email in advance of the hearing to the email address provided. Requests to participate must be received at least 24 hours before the start of the public hearing.
  • Written Comments
    • Comments on maps proposed by Special Masters may be made directly on the interactive maps by clicking on the appropriate link on the Court’s website.
    • Email comments to Redistricting@vacourts.gov.

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