NAHMS to Conduct Swine Study in Spring 2021

From May through July 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Health Monitoring System, in collaboration with the National Agricultural Statistics Service, will conduct its third national study of U.S. small enterprise swine operations.

The voluntary and confidential study will examine operations with fewer than 1,000 pigs and those operations’ animal health and management practices, as well as their alternative marketing strategies. Approximately 5,000 swine operations from 38 states, Virginia included, will be asked to participate.

In May, selected producers will receive a letter describing the study, along with a questionnaire to be returned by mail or online.

Participating in the study will benefit the U.S. swine industry by:

  • Providing credible information on industry practices that will help counter misinformation.
  • Benchmarking current production practices.
  • Assisting the industry in understanding disease preparedness and vulnerabilities.
  • Helping policymakers and industry stakeholders make science-based decisions.
  • Providing data that will be used by academia, pharmaceutical researchers and others to identify and focus on vital issues related to swine health and reproductivity on small enterprises.
  • Identifying educational needs related to health and production on small enterprise operations.

Details are available at

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