Local Animal Shelters Find Success in Adopting Out Barn Cats

Barn catHistorically, when Virginia animal shelters took in un-socialized outdoor cats, they did not have much long-term success. Today, shelters and private rescue groups take a different approach.  Member organizations of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies have found that such cats can find great homes with farmers. One such member, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA has such a robust community cat/barn-cat program that they have a designated employee who runs it. The position is called “Community Cat Manager.”

These cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped (the top tip of the left ear is removed which is the universal symbol that the cat is spayed/neutered/vaccinated) and many of them are adopted out as working barn cats.  It’s a win-win-win – for cats, for shelter staff and for farmers who need rodent control.

Farmers who are interested in adopting a barn cat can contact Debra Griggs at jasper550@cox.net

Laurie & Brian Landers – Nokesville and Tidewater

“Keetsu came to us from a TNR group that rescues out of Centreville, VA. I had seen their ad on Craigslist. Whenever you have animal feed, you have mice. She is a great mouser and that helps us. When we moved to the Tidewater area, we trapped her and brought her along. She acclimated quickly and has been a huge help with critter control.”

Heather Wischkaemper – Nokesville

“I adopted 2 barn cats 2 years ago.  They now roam through the field and sleep in the barn.  I have no mice or snakes in the barn.  My son has named them Church and Fang.  They are a wonderful addition to our family!!  I highly recommend adopting barn cats.  They are very easy and low maintenance.”


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