Farm Security Tips During COVID-19


Stefanie Kitchen, Assistant Director, Governmental Relations

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, many farmers are turning to direct marketing for new revenue streams. Given the uncertainty of the times, it is a good idea to be extra vigilant about farm security. While there are no reports of such activity in Virginia at this time, California and other states have seen animal activists trespassing on farms as part of a campaign to blame animal agriculture for the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, direct marketing operations in other states have seen increased instances of looting. Here are a few farm security measures to keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If you feel like you may be a target, notify law enforcement immediately.
  • Have a security plan or crisis management plan in place ahead of time, and prepare your family and employees to handle a situation.
  • Know where all possible points of entry are.
  • Maintain basic security: lock doors, gates, and cabinets; have proper lighting, alarms and cameras; post signs for restricted areas and no trespassing.
  • Establish check-in procedures for visitors at your farm and ensure all employees and family members know the steps to follow if a visitor shows up. Escort visitors at all times. 

Source: Animal Agriculture Alliance

For additional farm security tips and resources, contact Stefanie Kitchen at

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