Farm Bureau Creates COVID-19 Informational Webpage for Farmers

blur-call-cell-cellphone-346734Virginia Farm Bureau Federation has created a new resource on its website to provide farmers with current information relating to COVID-19 and its impact on their livelihoods.

“Virginia Farm Bureau remains committed to providing our producer members and all Virginia farmers with timely and relevant information related to farm operations during this public health challenge,” said Pam Wiley, the organization’s communications director.

Located at, the page includes material related to farmers’ ability to acquire supplies and transport farm products, an update on the ability of foreign laborers to acquire visas through the federal H-2A program, and information on how to contact state and federal agencies that provide agricultural support services.

It also connects visitors with resources from Virginia Cooperative Extension and provides information about U.S. Department of Agriculture farm service centers, including operating hours, closures and answers to frequently asked questions.

VFBF President Wayne F. Pryor, a Goochland County hay and grain producer, said the COVID-19 pandemic “is presenting challenges to which we must adapt, and adapt we will. Farm Bureau was created to advocate for farmers, and we are collaborating with state and federal agencies and agricultural and forestry organizations to identify and address producer concerns.”

For families at home with school-age children, the page provides a link to educational resources created by Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom. Those include virtual farm tours, downloadable activities and a link to the Agriculture in the Classroom Facebook page, where videotaped instruction is offered three times a week.

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