RFD-TV Explores How ELD Mandate Would Affect Agriculture

Andrew WalmsleyAFBF’s Andrew Walmsley, director of congressional relations, explained the intent of the electronic logging device mandate and what it means for agriculture in a recent RFD-TV segment. Most farmers and ranchers should be exempt from the ELD mandate because they can claim covered farm vehicle status, but drivers who haul livestock, live fish and insects are likely to fall under the requirements.

The Transportation Department’s “one-size-fits-all approach” to implementing the regulation is of great concern, Walmsley noted.

Drivers who have to use ELDs would be limited to current hours of service rules, which restrict a driver to only 14 “on duty” hours, with no more than 11 active driving hours. Once a driver hits those maximum hour allotments, he must stop and rest for 10 consecutive hours, which would be problematic when transporting livestock and other live animals. DOT’s 90-day waiver from the requirement that agricultural and livestock haulers install ELDs in their vehicles expires March 18. AFBF remains in contact with the agency regarding agriculture’s concerns and continues to urge lawmakers to come up with a legislative solution.

Watch the RFD-TV clip.

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