Virginia Farmer David Hula Holds Onto, Sets New World Record for Corn Yield

corn 2From our friends at On the Farm Radio:

The results have been published and David Hula of Charles City, Virginia, has not only held onto the current world record for corn yield, but has raised the bar by ten bushels.

The National Corn Growers Association Annual Yield Contest results were released on December 18 and indicate that Hula brought in a certified yield of 542.2740 bushels per acre from his farm near the Chesapeake Bay. He planted Pioneer variety P1197AM and competed in the No-till/Strip-till/Irrigated class. The previous world record for corn yield was set by Hula in 2015 when he harvested 532.0271 bushels per acre in the same competitive class.

Improved seed varieties, advanced production techniques and innovative growing practices helped corn growers achieve ever-higher yields in the National Corn Growers Association 2017 National Corn Yield Contest. Again, this year, five national entries surpassed the 400-plus bushel per acre mark.

The National Corn Yield Contest is now in its 53rd year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members.

“The contest provides farmers more than just an opportunity for friendly competition; it generates data that impacts future production practices across the industry,” said Roger Zylstra, chair of NCGA’s Stewardship Action Team. “The techniques first developed by contest winners grow into far-reaching advances, helping farmers across the country excel in a variety of situations.  Our contest emphasizes innovation both from growers and technology providers, thus enabling us to meet the growing demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

Other SAMPLE notable results from around the OTF Radio listening area (Eastern US) include:

No-till/Strip till Irrigated

Craig Hula         Charles City, VA     DEKALB DKC67-44RIB        529.1376

Dawn Collins     Laurel, DE              Pioneer P1870AM               298.9734

No-till/Strip till Non-Irrigated

Darren Grumbine     Lebanon, PA     DEKALB DKC64-89         294.8680

Ed Wood                     Andrews, NC    Dyna-Gro D57VP51        273.2880


Randy Dowdy     Valdosta, GA         AgriGold A6499 STX          406.0646

Bruce Bartz         Denton, MD         DEKALB DKC62-08RIB        331.4927


Dan Gause        Scranton, SC           Pioneer P2089YHR             357.0621

Drew Haines     Middletown, MD    DEKALB DKC62-20RIB        341.6354

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