Grainger Helps Keep You Prepared For Hurricane Season

tropical-cyclone-catarina-1167137_960_720As a Virginia Farm Bureau member, you get deep discounts on all equipment and supplies from Grainger, PLUS get free standard ground shipping on all standard Grainger products*, including all the necessities in preparing for a hurricane from generators to batteries.

Grainger also has some helpful tips when preparing for a hurricane that may affect your area.

Safety First.

As hurricane season is upon you and your family make sure you take the necessary steps in order to protect them by preparing with Grainger.

What to know.

Hurricanes often generate rainfall that can cause severe flooding over wide areas as well as spawn deadly tornados. Both flooding and tornados can severally affect areas well inland.

Before it strikes.

Plan a safe evacuation route further out of the storm’s path. Contact your local emergency management office or The American Red Cross Chapter to ask for the community preparedness plan. Avoid any undue anxiety by planning in advance a plan with friends, family and co-workers for before, during, and after the storm. If you are directed by local authorities to evacuate, adhere to their instructions. Avoid mobile or temporary structures, such shelters are particularly hazardous during hurricanes no matter how well fastened to the ground they are. Know that if you are located on the coast, on a floodplain, near a river, or on an inland water way that you are at a higher risk of danger.

Securing Your Home.

Make sure you secure your property by boarding up windows with cut to fit plywood, remove hanging outdoor sign. Bring inside or secure any objects that might become airborne and cause damage in strong winds. Store merchandise and inventoried supplies as high as possible off the floor, especially goods that could be in short supply after the storm.

Essential Materials.

Flashlights and extra batteries, portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries, first aid kid, emergency food and water, non-electric can opener, and essential medicines and supplies. Also consider taking advantage of your Farm Bureau Membership discounts with Grainger by purchasing duct tape, a safety/gas can, generators, flashlights, batteries, glow-sticks, and insulated coolers to keep water cold.

grainger-logoGet your Farm Bureau discount by registering using your Farm Bureau/Grainger account number at  Members can find the Farm Bureau/Grainger account number;  on their membership cards, by calling their county Farm Bureau office, or by opening your account at and searching Member Benefits – Home & Business Advantage.


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