REGULATORY REFORM: USDA Wants to Hear from You!

USDA_logoUSDA touches nearly every aspect of a farmer’s business.  From national programs and regulations to local FSA offices and rural development initiatives, USDA wants to know how to better serve you!

President Trump signed Executive Order 13777 to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens. It instructs the USDA Secretary to evaluate existing regulations and make recommendations.

USDA is requesting ideas from you to help identify regulations that:

  1. Inhibit job creation;
  2. Are outdated or unnecessary;
  3. Impose cost that exceed benefit; or
  4. Are inconsistent with other rules and regulations.

We ask you to send your comments and help USDA to improve its ability to serve all farmers across the country.


Click here to view American Farm Bureau information on regulatory reform.

Click here to view this announcement in the Federal Register.


USDA requests that commenters be as specific as possible and include any supporting data or other information such as costs.

USDA will review comments in four batches over a one-year period. The cut-off period for comments to be reviewed as part of the first batch is September 15, 2017. The cut-off period for comments to be reviewed as part of the second batch is November 14, 2017. The cut-off periods for the third and fourth batches are February 12, 2018, and July 17, 2018, respectively.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Task Force, and made publicly available on Although USDA will not respond to individual comments, USDA values public feedback and will give careful consideration to all input that it receives. USDA will keep the public apprised of the status of its review and any plans to repeal, replace, or modify existing regulations. USDA will issue a detailed update as part of the 2017 fall regulatory agenda and statement of regulatory priorities.

Additionally, the public is encouraged to visit for the latest information about the Department’s regulatory reform efforts.


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