Tazewell County Young Farmers Honor Past President

By Jameson Jones, Tazewell County Young Farmers

On April 20, 2017, the Tazewell County Young Farmers planted a dogwood tree in memory of William “Bill” Osborne, past President of the Tazewell County Farm Bureau.

The planting of the tree took place two days before Earth Day, in order to honor Bill’s service to the agricultural community. Bill was active in Farm Bureau for many years, helping the Young Farmers to become active in 2014.

In addition to his service to agriculture, Bill served as sheriff of Tazewell County and befittingly, the tree was planted in front of the Tazewell County Sherriff’s Office.

img_1301Approximately 60 friends, family, and neighbors were present for the planting ceremony. Taylor Estep, President of the Tazewell County Young Farmers, as well as Sherriff Brian Hieatt and Delegate Will Morefield, spoke to commemorate the occasion.

A plaque is in production and will be placed by the tree in Bill’s honor. Bill’s wife, Della Ruth, noted how the dogwood was an appropriate symbol for Bill, as he always said, “When the dogwood blossoms are white, it’s time to let the cattle out to the grass.”

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