From the Field: Farm Bureau Honors Farmers

Farm Bureau has a long history of having members that have been leaders and even trailblazers in the agriculture community.  While there have been numerous agriculture leaders over the years; there have been thousands of farmer volunteers that have volunteered their time for the betterment of agriculture and their community.  Several years ago, the VFBF board of directors decided to establish a monument to farmers.  This impressive statue of a farmer in the field stands today in the entrance lobby where everyone who enters the home office sees it.
A few county Farm Bureaus have also placed honorariums at their offices to honor and recognize the work and leadership of farmers in their county.  Buckingham County Farm Bureau recently erected a flag pole with American flag and an engraved plaque at the base.  The plaque reads, “This Memorial is dedicated in Honor and Respect to the Memory of Bobby H. Bryan and R.S. Ellis, IV and to all Buckingham County Farmers who have given their Life, Labor and Love to serve as good Stewards of our land.”  Chesapeake Farm Bureau is installing something similar in memory of their past president and longtime Farm Bureau member, Lyle Pugh, Sr.; and Northumberland/ Lancaster Farm Bureau has a flag pole and flag.
The Farm Bureau that was started by farmers to work for improvements in agriculture and to solve problems still has that same purpose.  Farm Bureau has a proud history with numerous volunteers that made it successful. 
Remembering the past and the honoring past leaders while at the same time looking to the future and grooming future leaders is also a part of Farm Bureau’s program.  Thank you for being a member because every member contributes to the success of Farm Bureau.  If you would like to become more involved in Farm Bureau and are willing to share some of your talents, please let us know.  We have lots of opportunities for you. 
Until next time,


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