From the Field: Farm Bureau Out and About

From the Field is a bi-monthly column written by Mark Campbell, Farm Bureau Field Services Director for the Central District. He writes about Farm Bureau member benefits and County Farm Bureau activities.

Last week, the agents at the Buckingham County Farm Bureau office and I had a booth at the open house for the “BARN” at Buckingham Courthouse. “BARN” stands for Buckingham Agriculture Resource Network, and it is a building facility comprised of cattle pens area and classroom space. This was a project primarily driven by the Buckingham Cattlemen’s Association, who is no stranger to the beef industry and is, in fact, nationally recognized for their preconditioned, value added feeder cattle and bred heifer sales.  

The purpose of our booth was to promote Farm Bureau. We interacted with a lot of Farm Bureau members, which were most of the attendees. There were only four people that we not members and we provided information about our organization and encouraged them to join. I think these opportunities are important for us as our presence helps strengthen our foundation in the agriculture community. It also builds a stronger relationship with the members and builds loyalty. The personalized service of the agents and MSSs helps with member retention, and the agents that worked the booth with me engaged every person that walked by. Several members even sat down and talked a while. It was obvious that the agents were well liked and respected by the members. It was a fun day, and I enjoyed seeing the facility and the fencing demonstrations.
Other agriculture infrastructure has been completed across the state over the past few years which has been beneficial to farmers and good for Virginia. Projects range from farmers markets and food hub facilities to livestock venues such as the Olde Dominion Ag Complex. The Olde Dominion Agricultural Foundation has an excellent video on their website is very inspiring about the future of agriculture and describes the facility. It is worth watching. Let us also not forget the State Fair of Virginia grounds with more space and new buildings.
The next big event that I will be at with Farm Bureau will be the Ag Expo. The Ag Expo will be in eastern Orange County this year. I have never been to it before because it has traditionally been in eastern Virginia, but a few of my co-workers have, and they said that it is a big event that attracts a lot of farmers. We will have a presence there as we have had for years. So look for us there on August 6.
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