VFBF Legislative Committee Comments on 2015 Critical Issues, Part 2

Earlier this month, the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation announced its critical legislative issues for 2014. These are the issues Governmental Relations staff believe will be at the forefront during the next year’s General Assembly.  These issues are also discussed at Senatorial District meetings, regional legislative briefings for legislators held across the state during November and December. Here are three of those issues with remarks from members of the Virginia Farm Bureau Legislative Committee, who identified these issues as critical.  If you are a producer member and would like to attend your region’s Senatorial District Meeting, please contact your Field Services Director for dates and locations.

Virginia Farm Bureau urges legislators to:
  • Maintain state oversight and regulation of the application of biosolids and industrial residuals as a source of nutrients on farmland 

“When handled appropriately, biosolids is a safe product. Organic matter makes the soil better which benefits farmers. Landfill space is becoming limited and will cause problems down the road. We can avoid this by recycling waste, which makes a beneficial fertilizer when it is safely applied.” –Lynwood Broaddus, Caroline County
Right to Farm Act
Virginia Farm Bureau urges legislators to:
  • Protect the Right to Farm Act in its current form by only supporting changes that are preferable to the farmer and provide further protection from nuisance lawsuits 

“Every year legislation is introduced in the General Assembly that weakens the Right to Farm Act and gives more control over local farms to local government. We, as farmers, need to stay vigilant on any legislation that will hamper our ability to farm.”- Thomas Graves, VFBF Legislative Committee Chair, Orange County  

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