Breaking News: Va. Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC Endorses Chafin in Special Election

2014 isn’t a normal election year but due to a number of resignations in the General Assembly special elections are being held in a number of seats. The members in the 38th Senate District called on the Virginia Farm Bureau AgPAC to evaluate the candidates and determine if an endorsement should be made in this important race. After candidates interviewed with local members of involved counties and made a recommendation to the VFBF AgPAC Board of Trustees the board issued an endorsement in the race.
Below is their endorsement. If you are a producer member interested in participating in future LEC interviews, please contact your county Farm Bureau president or Field Services Director for more information.

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC has announced its endorsement of Del. A. Benton “Ben” Chafin Jr., R-Lebanon, in the special election for the Virginia Senate’s 38th District seat. 

Candidates who receive VFBF AgPAC endorsements “have demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs and challenges farmers are facing and/or have proven their support through their favorable voting records while holding positions in the General Assembly,” said Wayne F. Pryor, chairman of VFBF AgPAC and president of Virginia Farm Bureau. “We believe candidates such as Del. Chafin will help agriculture and forestry maintain its vitality as the No. 1 industry in Virginia.” 

The non-partisan VFBF AgPAC was created by Farm Bureau in 1999 and employs in-kind contributions to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues.

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