Governor’s State of Emergency Order Gives Farmers Temporary Exemption

Due to the winter storm Governor McAuliffe declared a State of Emergency with Executive Order 7. This Order allows the Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and Virginia State Police to jointly authorize a temporary waiver of registration and license requirements, along with normal weight and width restrictions, for the purpose of ensuring essential emergency relief supplies reach those in need in a timely manner. Agency letter can be view here:
This waiver is in effect beginning 12 p.m. February 11, 2014, until 12 pm March 1, 2014, or whenever the crisis has abated, which is soonest.
The exceptions activate the FMCSA Section 390.23 Relief of Regulations including hours of service. Loads are restricted to a maximum of 12 feet wide and over height loads up to a maximum of 14 feet provided hauling permit regulations and safety guidelines are followed as published in the Virginia Hauling Permit Manual. Exemption shall not be valid on posted structures for restricted weight.

We hope this will give some relief to farmers that need to get feed to poultry and livestock in these tough weather conditions the Commonwealth is facing, and we appreciate the forethought of Governor McAuliffe in helping Virginia prepare for this situation.

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