Meet Gov. McAuliffe’s Cabinet

Governor McAuliffe’s cabinet has been finalized.  Each of these individuals are designees until they are confirmed by the General Assembly over the course of the next couple of weeks.
Two of the most critical to the agriculture and forestry industry are the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry and Secretary of Natural Resources.
Sec. of Agriculture
Todd Haymore
Todd Haymore was renamed Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.  Governor McAuliffe has outline a couple of aggressive agenda items for Secretary Haymore’s term including making Virginia the agriculture and forestry export capitol of the East Coast.  Governor McAuliffe has made this statement in a number of formal and informal speeches he has made over the course of the last month.  Mostly recently, he included this in his address to the General Assembly on Monday, January 13.  For full text of Governor McAuliffe’s remarks, click here. 

Many members have asked about the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services as well as State Forester.  Secretary Haymore announced this morning to the Senate Finance Sub-Committee that he has made interim appointments until he has time to go through the process of interviewing and selecting candidates for these positions.

Sec. of Natural Resources
Molly Ward
Molly Ward was named as Secretary of Natural Resources.  She has reached out to Farm Bureau to express her interest in learning more about our positions on areas under her Secretariat.  President Pryor has extended an invitation to her to meet with us to discuss our policies. For more information on her background, click here.

Below is a complete list of the other Secretariats as well as the Governor’s Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff:

Governor’s Cabinet
Paul Reagan

Suzette Denslow

Nancy Rodrigues

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