Gov. McDonnell Introduces Last Budget

Martha Moore
Vice President
VFBF Governmental Relations
Governor McDonnell introduced his budget on Monday, December 16, 2013.  This budget begins on July 1, 2014 for FY15 and July 1, 2015 for FY16.  Overall, Governor McDonnell provided continued incremental increases to a number of items of interest based on Farm Bureau policy.  There were a number of items important to agriculture and forestry:
  • $28 million of new funding for agriculture best management practices cost share funding 
  • No additional dollars for operational support for local soil and water conservation districts 
  • $485,782 increase/ $999,500 increase respectively for the state portion of the Reforestation of Timberlands program (incentive payments to landowners to replant pine trees) which means a full match in FY16
  • No cuts to the funding provided for the Coyote Damage Control Program 
  • $1.23 million for 15 grain inspector positions to handle the increase inspections for exports
  • No increase for purchase of development rights local matching fund
  • $250,000 increase in the Agriculture Forestry Industries Development Fund
  • $267,768 increase/$220,038 increase respectively for each year of the biennium in funding for the weights and measures program for 3 additional inspectors
  • $220,000 for 2 regional agriculture education specialists in Virginia Cooperative Extension to support agriculture teachers

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