Virginia Farmers Among Those Shaping National Farm Bureau Policies

San Antonio River Walk
Virginia representatives will join more than 5,000 Farm Bureau members from across the nation in helping shape policies important to farmers and ranchers Jan. 12-15 at the 2014 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention.

The theme of the event is “Our Heritage; Our Future.” The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation delegation, which includes 8 voting delegates and 2 alternates, will join farmers from across the country in formulating policies related to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the next federal farm bill and other issues that affect farmers nationwide.

“It’s important that Virginia representatives attend the national convention to help shape policies that affect all farmers,” said VFBF President Wayne F. Pryor. “It’s important for us to work with American Farm Bureau, because we rely on them to represent our interests in Congress.”

Farmers attending this year’s convention also will have the opportunity to attend workshops to help them improve their operations. Topics to be covered include new technologies and trends in agriculture; being a strong agriculture advocate; and economic impacts on U.S. farms.

“The national convention helps our Farm Bureau leaders stay involved in the national policymaking process and gives them a better overall understanding of current trends and issues that affect farmers all over the country,” Pryor said.

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