USFRA Seeking Farmer and Rancher Input

The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance ( urgently needs farmer and rancher respondents for a brief market research survey the organization is conducting. 

USFRA’s goal for this research is to continue to identify ways to address people’s misconceptions about farming and ranching. The organization is asking for a short amount of time and honest opinions from farmers and ranchers. Each farmer and rancher respondent to the survey will receive a $15 honorarium for their time (estimated to be approximately 15 minutes).

The link to the survey is:

2 thoughts on “USFRA Seeking Farmer and Rancher Input

  1. Re the USFRA survey, it appears I was considered ineligible to complete the survey because I responded to the question of description of my farm as organic. What's the deal? Why does the survey treat the organic farmer this way?

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