Candidates Share Final Thoughts on Ag and Forestry Before Election

The Virginia Prosperity Project (VA P2), a cooperative effort of Virginia employers to help educate employees and associates about important economic issues and engage them in the political process, recently released a series of candidate questionnaire videos featuring all the candidates running for statewide office discussing the major sectors of Virginia’s economy.

The last set of videos reveal how the candidates plan to support the major sectors of Virginia’s economy such as tourism, agriculture and forestry.

Key takeaways from the videos include:

Ken Cuccinelli – “I’ll continue as Governor to fight federal overreach that invades the agriculture and forestry ability…to do business.”

Terry McAuliffe – “As Governor my primary responsibility to Agriculture and forestry is to help open markets on a global basis.”

Robert Sarvis – “I trust the Virginia farmers, not the state or federal government, to decide how best to run their lives and their business.”

To see the videos in their entirety, visit

And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5!

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