Comment on Newest Version of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement

The Chesapeake Bay Program has accomplished a great deal since the signing of the first Chesapeake Bay Agreement in 1983, but there is still much left to be done. Three decades later, Bay Program partners are working to guide the continued evolution of the Bay ecosystem restoration and stewardship effort with the creation of a new Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

This new plan for collaboration across the Bay’s political boundaries will clarify our vision, mission and values and establish shared goals and outcomes for the protection, restoration and stewardship of the Bay, its tributaries and the lands that surround them. The agreement, now being drafted, is intended to encourage a forward-looking approach to conservation and restoration, focusing on immediate results and recognizing our long-term effort must be sustained by and for future generations.
Current version of the agreement, abridged for early stakeholder input: Draft Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement (pdf)
Provide Feedback:
Bay Program partners welcome stakeholder input between July 10 and August 15, 2013, on an abridged version of the Agreement, which includes our best thinking to date on how to create this new voluntary partnership plan.
Interested parties can offer input in two ways:
Submitting an online comment here(up to 750 words)
Submitting an email to:

Please note: all comments, emails and letters submitted to the Bay Program in regards to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement will be posted on this webpage.

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