VFBF Ag PAC Board of Trustees Meets at West Creek

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC is a political action committee set up by Virginia Farm Bureau Federation to further its legislative effectiveness by conveying issue messages, supporting political candidates with endorsements, and encouraging more organized political involvement by farmers.  VFBF AgPAC is non-partisan and will support candidates who best support agriculture, forestry, and Farm Bureau issues.
VFBF AgPAC uses a set of criteria to determine support of candidates running for state elected offices.  The Virginia AgPAC Board of Trustees is comprised of 19 producer members from across Virginia who ultimately will make the final determination based on the recommendations of our members.  Virginia Farm Bureau has always developed its positions through its grassroots process.  The endorsement process maintains our grassroots-based philosophy in determining support for political candidates.
Some criteria used to evaluate candidates is a questionnaire and an interview or a “get to know you” meeting with a county Farm Bureau’s Local Election Committee (or LEC) made up of producer members occurring statewide.  These interviews are a critical part of our evaluation process. Today, members of the VFBF AgPAC Board met at the West Creek office to approve the information that will be used in this year’s process.
In the past, this process has proven to be very valuable for both the candidates and our membership.

LEC interviews with candidates start in July. If you are a producer members interested in participating in your county Farm Bureau LEC and are a contributor to VFBF AgPAC, please contact your county president 

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