Prince George County Farm Bureau Discusses Animal Welfare Issues with Local Animal Control

Lindsay Reames
Assistant Director
Last week, I attended a meeting the Prince George County Farm Bureau held with their Chief of Police, local law enforcement, Board of Supervisors members, County Extension Agent and animal control officers to discuss how they could work together to address animal welfare issues in the county.  

Bill Kreider, Prince George County Farm Bureau President, led the meeting and discussion.  i gave an overview of agriculture animal welfare issues in Virginia and  Virginia Farm Bureau’s commitment to producing a safe, abundant food supply.  Dr. Dan Kovich with the State Veterinarians office gave a presentation on animal care and animal cruelty laws in Virginia.
Mr. Kreider offered the resources and expertise of the Prince George Farm Bureau to assist at the local level in enforcing the animal laws in Virginia.  The meeting was a great way to develop a relationship between local law enforcement and the Farm Bureau.  The main reason is if there is a case when animals are seized that the local animal control can call on the Farm Bureau for help. The help may be providing feed, shelter and/or transportation for the animals. Also if there is a situation where the Animal Control Officer has a question with regards to agriculture animals that they have a local resource they can reach out to.  

If you are a county Farm Bureau interested in hosting a similar in your county, please contact me at 804-290-1019 or

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