From the Field: Cheers to Betty Rosson and Farm Moms Everywhere

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Betty Rosson of Louisa County was selected as a regional winner for Farm Mom of the Year.  I won’t repeat the press release.  But I will tell you that Betty Rosson was totally surprised.  Her son, Charles, nominated her for the award.  She has already been interviewed by the NBC station in Charlottesville and RFD TV.  The link to the NBC video is above.  The national winner will be selected on Mothers’ Day.  You have until May 11th to vote for her here  
Congratulations Betty!  You are a great representative for all of the hard working farm moms out there.
Mothers in a farm family are the glue that holds the family and farm together.  Farm moms and wives not only provide a lot of the family nurturing, but they also help with running the farm.  With all that they are responsible for, they still keep a manner of order and cleanliness.  I remember my mother and now my wife always fussing at us to take our boots off before we come into the house.  In fact, I would argue that is probably one of the most used phrases of farm moms across America.  Take your boots off! 
I am sure the other most used phrase from farm moms is “Good job!”  Farm moms are tremendously supportive of their family.  A supportive word of encouragement really helps.  They sometimes have a difficult task of keeping everyone on track and things in order.  If it weren’t for farm moms, our farm and family life definitely wouldn’t be as rich and enjoyable as it is now.  Let’s show our mothers how much we appreciate them on Mother’s Day. 
Until next time,

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