Food Safety Modernization Act Teleconferences Start

The Produce Safety Alliance, in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration, is hosting a series of question and answer teleconferences to discuss FDA’s new produce safety regulations.

Dr. Jim Gorny, senior advisor for produce safety and Dr. Erick Snellman, policy analyst, will be available from FDA.
The teleconferences are as follows:
Mar 18     Understanding Exemptions (Recording)

Mar 25     Agricultural Water  (Recording)

April 22    Soil Amendments                          11 a.m.
April 25    Domestic and Wild Animals            11 a.m.
TBA         Growing, Harvesting, Packing; Holding  
TBA         Equipment, Tools, Buildings & Sanitation
TBA         Health, Hygiene and Training of Workers
TBA         Recordkeeping, Compliance & Enforcement
Farm Bureau encourages states to participate in the teleconferences to learn more about the proposed rule and better determine how they may impact producer members in their respective states.
The teleconference dial-in number is (866) 906-9888. The passcode is 8140591.
For more information on the Proposed Produce Safety Rule, visit:
Proposed Produce Safety Rule at a Glance:
Proposed Produce Rule Subpart Fact Sheets:

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