Farm Bureau members attend Leglislative Day at the Capitol

Bob Threewitts, a producer member in Rockingham County,
delivers postcards to Sen. Mark Obenshain’s office on
Legislative Day.

Thanks to everyone who attended Legislative Day! More than 150 producer members participated in the event, which included a training session by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance on speaking effectively to the general public.

The training session was followed by lunch with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who motivated members with a rousing speech about the property rights constitutional amendment before their visits with legislators at the Capitol.

“There is no substitute to being present…emails don’t compare to a good, solid handshake,” Cuccinelli said.

After lunch, Farm Bureau leaders made their way to the Capitol to deliver more than 14,000 signed postcards in support of the property rights constitutional amendment to their senators. They also met with their representatives in the House of Delegates as well as their adopted urban legislators.

In addition to eminent domain reform, county leaders urged lawmakers to uphold the state’s ban on Sunday hunting.

Farm Bureau has opposed Sunday hunting for decades. When deliberating on the policy, representatives cited faith-based beliefs as well as the ability of horse riders and landowners to use the outdoors one day a week without worrying about hunters.

Other issues discussed with legislators included cost-share money to implement conservation practices to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Watershed Implementation Plan in the Chesapeake Bay region and total maximum daily load requirements in the Southern Rivers region.

Del. Mark Keam of the 35th district in Northern Virginia met with
members of Albemarle County Farm Bureau at the legislative
Additionally, Farm Bureau representatives asked for funding for the state’s coyote damage control program. Virginia saw a 32 percent increase in coyote attacks on sheep and a 69 percent increase in attacks on calves last year.

That evening, the annual Farm Bureau legislative reception, hosted by the Virginia Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, was held at the Downtown Marriott. Along with county leaders, about 40 legislators attended the event, including Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.

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