Meet our Summer Interns

One of the most rewarding opportunities at Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, both for students and our staff, is the summer internship program. Past interns have gone on to work in fields such as advocacy, association management, research, state government, and yes even working in our department today. Both Stefanie Taillon and Martha Moore were interns in the Governmental Relations Department. Typically, we have openings for interns in odd years coinciding with state elections in Virginia. This year we have two interns working with staff. Both have been doing a wonderful job and I wanted each to share a little about themselves as they near the end of their time with us.

Samantha Owens

I was born and raised in Upstate New York in a small town called New Hartford, New York. I grew up on my family farm and that is an experience that I cherish. My great-grandfather started the farm after immigrating from Wales in the 1920s and the farm has been in the family ever since. Although it started as a dairy farm, the operation of the farm has changed with pretty much every generation. My grandfather raised veal and hogs for years with the help of my dad and his brothers. My uncle now runs the farm and raises sheep, highland cattle, and, most recently, four piglets. My parents both have careers outside of farming now, but my mom actually worked as a field advisor with the New York State Farm Bureau when she was in her 20s. Needless to say, she is absolutely thrilled that I am working with the Virginia Farm Bureau this summer.

                I just graduated from the University of Virginia this past May, where I majored in government and minored in public policy and leadership. During my time at UVA, I fell completely in love with Virginia and all that it has to offer, so much so that I decided to stick around. This fall I will be starting my first year at the University of Richmond School of Law. Although I am not entirely sure of the type of law I would like to practice in the future, I am interested in environmental law.

                This summer I am helping the Governmental Relations team with the AgPAC. As a New Yorker, this internship has been a great immersion into Virginia State Politics. I love that this internship provides me with an opportunity to work with the Governmental Relations team, Field Service Directors, candidates running for office, and some of our farmers. 

Samantha Owens

Newlin Humphrey

I grew up in Fluvanna County and my interest in agriculture began when I joined FFA at Fluvanna County High School. Although I did not grow up in production agriculture, my passion and connection to the agricultural industry deepened as continued through FFA and began riding horses competitively. From 2018-2019, I served a Virginia FFA State Officer alongside 7 other individuals and had the opportunity to see the incredible impact that agriculture and agricultural education has on people throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

My love of agriculture is continuing at Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) where I am a current junior and studying Agricultural Leadership with a concentration in International Affairs and Policy. Through National FFA, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and see agriculture on a global scale which sparked my interest. I plan to pursue a master’s degree in international agriculture or immediately being working in the industry.

This summer at Farm Bureau I have had the opportunity to work with Governmental Relations, Young Farmers, and Membership and Field Services. Through my projects I have been able to advocate for Virginia agriculture, and work with members to ensure that Farm Bureau is able to offer unique programs and facilitate an environment where agriculture can progress and thrive.

Newlin Humphrey

We know these two will do remarkable things and we are happy they wanted to spend this summer working at Virginia Farm Bureau to learn more what we do!

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC endorses General Assembly candidates

Virginia AgPAC endorses General Assembly candidates Virginia AgPAC, the political action committee of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, announced in late August its endorsement of the following candidates for seats in the Virginia General Assembly.
The endorsements are based on the recommendations of local committees of farmers.
The non-partisan AgPAC was created in 1999 to support candidates who can best support

agriculture, forestry and Farm Bureau issues.

*denotes incumbents

Virginia Senate
1st District
John Miller* (D)
3rd District
Thomas K. Norment, Jr.*(R)
4th District
Ryan McDougle* (R)
6th District
Ralph Northam* (D)
7th District
Frank Wagner* (R)
8th District
Jeff McWaters* (R)
10th District
John Watkins* (R)
11th District
Steve Martin* (R)
12th District
Walter Stosch* (R)
14th District
Harry Blevins* (R)
15th District
Frank Ruff* (R)
16th District
Henry Marsh* (D)
17th District
Edd Houck* (D)
18th District
Louise Loucas* (D)
19th District
Ralph Smith* (R)
20th District
Roscoe Reynolds* (D)
22nd District
Thomas Garrett, Jr. (R)
23rd District
Steve Newman* (R)
24th District
Emmett Hanger* (R)
25th District
Creigh Deeds* (D)
26th District
Mark Obenshain* (R)
27th District
Jill Vogel* (R)
28th District
Richard Stuart* (R)
29th District
Chuck Colgan* (D)
33rd District
Mark Herring* (D)
35th District
Dick Saslaw* (D)
36th District
Toddy Puller* (D)
38th District
Phillip Puckett* (D)
40th District
Bill Carrico (R)

Virginia House of Delegates
1st District

Terry Kilgore* (R)
3rd District
Will Morefield* (R)
4th District
Joseph Johnson* (D)
5th District
Israel D O’Quinn (R)
6th District
Anne Crockett-Stark* (R)
7th District
Nick Rush (R)
8th District
Greg Habeeb* (R)
10th District
Randy Minchew (R)
12th District
Joseph Ryan Yost (R)
13th District
Bob Marshall* (R)
14th District
Danny Marshall* (R)
15th District
Todd Gilbert* (R)
16th District

Don Merricks* (R)

17th District
Christopher Head (R)

18th District
Michael Webert (R)

19th District
Lacey Putney* (I)

20th District
Dickie Bell* (R)

21st District
Ron Villanueva* (R)

22nd District
Kathy Byron* (R)

23rd District
Scott Garrett* (R)

24th District
Ben Cline* (R)

25th District
Steve Landes* (R)

26th District
Tony Wilt* (R)

27th District
Roxann Robinson* (R)

28th District
William Howell* (R)

29th District
Beverly Sherwood* (R)

30th District
Ed Scott* (R)

31st District
Scott Lingamfelter* (R)

32nd District
Tag Greason* (R)

33rd District
Joe May* (R)

34th District
Barbara Comstock* (R)

35th District
Mark Keam* (D)

40th District
Tim Hugo* (R)

42nd District
David Albo* (R)

50th District
Jackson Miller* (R)

51st District
Richard Anderson* (R)

54th District
Bobby Orrock*(R)

55th District
John Cox* (R)

56th District
Peter Farrell (R)

58th District
Rob Bell* (R)

59th District
Matt Fariss (R)

60th District
James Edmunds* (R)

61st District
Tommy Wright* (R)

62nd District
Riley Ingram* (R)

63rd District
Rosalyn Dance* (D)

64th District
William Barlow* (D)

65th District
Lee Ware* (R)

66th District
Kirk Cox* (R)

67th District
Jim LeMunyon* (R)

68th District
Manoli Loupassi* (R)

72nd District
Jimmie Massie* (R)

73rd District
John O’Bannon* (R)

75th District
Roslyn Tyler* (D)

76th District
Chris Jones* (R)

77th District
Lionell Spruill* (D)

78th District
John Cosgrove* (R)

79th District
Johnny Joannou* (D)

80th District
Matthew James* (D)

81st District
Barry Knight* (R)

82nd District
Harry Purkey* (R)

83rd District
Chris Stolle* (R)

84th District
Sal laquinto* (R)

85th District
Robert Tata* (R)

86th District
Tom Rust* (R)

88th District
Mark Cole* (R)

90th District
Algie Howell* (D)

96th District
Brenda Pogge* (R)

97th District
Chris Peace* (R)

98th District
Keith Hodges (R)

99th District
Margaret Ransone (R)

100th District

Lynwood Lewis*