Introducing the Grassroots Advantage

In the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing this logo on all things Virginia Farm Bureau Governmental Relations. It’s called the Grassroots Advantage, and it’s one of the many membership advantages to being a Farm Bureau member.

But the Grassroots Advantage doesn’t just benefit you–it benefits all Virginia agriculture. Your membership helps give Virginia farmers a unified voice, and Farm Bureau is respected among elected officials because they know its policies come directly from farmers like you at the grassroots level. Your membership also helps address issues that affect all Virginians–private property rights and the need to preserve clean water and air.

So not only do you receive the Grassroots Advantage from the Governmental Relations Department with representation at the Virginia General Assembly and Congress, as well as Farm Bureau’s policy development process, but all of Virginia receives the Grassroots Advantage thanks to you, your membership, your participation in the grassroots process, and when contact your legislators on important issues affecting agriculture and all Virginians.

At Virginia Farm Bureau, you, our producer members, ARE the Grassroots Advantage.