Still Affected by the Storms?

Is your operation still being affected by last week’s storms? Below are some resources that may be helpful.
Here are some potential rental generator companies. Be sure to ask such questions as:

• KW Rating for the generator
• Amp Rating Phase
• Length of cabling needed
• Do you have an electrician to wire it in?
• Do you have fuel to support the generator?
Grainger has a complete line of generators and they are an affinity partner of Va. Farm Bureau. They also have other storm clean up supplies.Farm Bureau members can get a 10% discount and free shipping on all orders placed online.  Pleaseask for the FB discount and have you membership number when placing the order.  The program access number is on the back of you membership card.

Garner Emergency Services

Kenny Hayes
DRC Emergency Services

Tony Swain



Rob Ray
Sunbelt Rentals
Scott Brown
Here are potential fuel providers with coverage in Virginia. They may or may not serve private citizens.

James River Solutions:

To Place and Order: 800-825-5599 or 804-358-9000
Emergency / After Hours: 804-393-1150

Mansfield Oil Company:

Bulk Fuel:

To Place and Order: 800-283-3835

Delivery / Account Questions: 800-234-2835
DRC Emergency Services, LLC
Tony Swain


These contacts may have knowledge of bulk water tanker style carriers:

Diamond Springs Water *

800-350-0525 (toll-free)
Crystal Springs *